Assignment 1

a) My site receive about nine hours of sunlight on March 21

b)On December 21 sunlight strikes my site around 8:00am and on June 21 around 7:15am

c) June 21st is the day that receives the most sunlight

d) ALtitude 43 Azimuth 242

e) I would try orientate the porch to the south and have a covering that would shade the porch from the high summer sun and allow for the lower winter sun to enter and warm the porch. In my site I would have to investigate the type of trees that are already on the site to see if they are deciduous and would shed their leaves in the winter. This would allow for the lower winter sun to pass through tree branches and reach my site. If the trees do not lose their leaves in the winter it would not be possible to face a porch that would be warmer in the winter.

f) There are a lot of trees on my site that could potentially be natural shades for windows that block the sun during hot summer months. Northern windows would also have a lot of sunlight during the summer months and would not need as many window coverings. Southern windows will receive more light and in warmer conditions would need window coverings to block light before they reach the window to avoid excess heat.



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