Assignment 3

The vernacular building that I selected was a typical house in Charlottesville, VA that included a front porch. Front porches were places for residents to cool off in the summer time before air-conditioning existed. Here are some photos of a house with a porch located on Grady and 13th Street in Charlottesville.Image

The house’s porch faces the Southeast and the roof protects it from harsh direct sunlight.


Cool winds that come from the West are able to enter the porch and remove excess heat, which creates a natural cooling effect. Image

The porches roof also acts as a simple shading device and blocks high summer sun but allows for lower less harsher sun to enter the porch in the cooler months.Image

My objective for designing a system in Charlottesville would to extend the use of living areas throughout the colder times of the year. According to the psychometric chart, heating and adding dehumidification was the most effective during the cold months. I wanted to focus on systems that could gain heat in the winter but would also be able to respond to the warmer months and reduce heat gain. The chart shows that the most effective systems are Heating, internal heat gain, and passive solar direct gain low mass.


The systems I focused on explored various ideas about how to gain heat in a specific room or building but were also  adoptable to the warmer and more humid months Charlottesville experiences.







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