Assignment 5: Luminous Environement

For the Chapel within the airport, or meditation space I wanted to create an atmosphere that had dramatic light and high contrast. I imagine as the position of the sun changes, the light entering through the open corner of the roof and south wall, will vary in intensity throughout the day. In early morning I imagine the light to be low and peer over the South wall and create a sharp band of light that enters through the south wall. When the sun is higher throughout the day, the opening above will create sharp bands of light in the middle of the floors, contrasted against the darker corners that will receive little to no light. I imagined the window to be transparent glass that would allow for not only light to enter but also a connection to the exterior environment. Furthermore, this change of light will also vary throughout the seasons; in the winter when the sun is low sharp bands of light will cut across the South opening onto the North wall, and in the summer seasons the light will cut through the ceiling and shine on the floors.



For the activity space, I wanted to create an atmosphere that was diffused with an even light and less dramatic. For this space I imagined that the south and roof facades would be curved and bend light evenly throughout the room. I imagined the curvilinear form would help capture the maximize amount of light throughout the seasons and the days. The material would also be polycarbonate, which is translucent and diffuses light more evenly throughout a space. When translucent material is used along a facade, it creates a lower contrast between shadow and light. I imagined that a more evenly disperse of light will create an atmosphere that can be used by a group of people to chat, whereas the more dramatic meditation space will be a place where individuals may contemplate.




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